What Are Cosmetics Made Of?

Published: 01st August 2009
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If you really love your skin, you will not put just about anything on it. You should know what you put on your skin to ensure that you are not causing harm to it. In choosing cosmetics, you have to be careful. Know what the cosmetic is made of.

Here are some facts about cosmetics that you should definitely know about. These facts will help you decide which types of cosmetics to use on your face and on your body.

• Drug is different from cosmetics. Drugs have an effect on the skin function while cosmetics will just change its appearance. There are skin products that alter skin structure but are not considered as drugs yet. Instead, they are called the cosmeceuticals. They merely improve the appearance of the skin.

• There are different types of skin. Some skins are really sensitive. If you have a sensitive skin, don't get a cosmetic that contain ingredients that you are potentially allergic of. It is best to get cosmetics that are made of natural ingredients and are hypo-allergenic. Hypoallergenic cosmetics are safe even for sensitive skins.

• Some cosmetics use perfume as preservatives. Although they are perfume free, there may still be traces of perfume in them.

• Make up or cosmetics are for personal use. Never make it a habit to borrow someone else's make up or let someone else borrow your make up especially the make up applicator like pressed powder sponge. Make up applicators are usually not anti-bacterial. You might get the germs from the other people's face if you share your make up applicator with them.

• Make up or cosmetics are usually made up of oil, water or mineral. Mineral based are the most in demand today because of their perfect finish application and its natural ingredients. Second most popular is the water based. Water based cosmetics don't clog up pores and are less irritant compared to oil based make ups. The most common type of make up is oil based.

Make up or cosmetics make people look beautiful. Along with cosmetics, you should also use skin creams and moisturizers to keep the skin healthy looking and elastic. Even the most expensive cosmetics will not work best on you if your skin is not smooth and clear.

A good rule of the thumb when buying cosmetics is to check the ingredients first. See how safe it will be for you.

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